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From the days when the Swazi kings gave land to the Voortrekkers to form a barrier against Zulu raids, to modern day agri-businesses, this book charts the events, struggles and personalities behind the turbulent history of the of the Swaziland Bushveld. The pioneers battled malaria, wildebeest migrations, wild dogs, locusts, tsetse fly, floods and droughts in their isolated corner of Africa. The history of Big Bend is unique in many ways. Its isolation and the rigours of existence developed a breed of tough, often eccentric farmers and traders. The book charts the lives and lifestyles of these men, and the crimes and passions which shaped the district, set against the backdrop of the unique story of Swaziland itself.

Most of the book is based on original research; it is a valuable addition to Swaziland's pre-colonial, colonial and post independence history.


Peter J Gosnell


0-620-28008-5 (hard cover)

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340 pages (170 x 240 mm)

with over 60 illustrations and maps


hard and soft cover